Saturday, 18 December 2010

Why Blog?


I have been writing posts on various blogs since 2006, most of the more popular ones were related to language learning. Blogging sucks up quite a lot of time and in many cases I am talking to noone in particular. This does beg the question why blog? There isn't a single answer to that question there are many reasons for blogging. I have consistently blogged over a number of subjects and accounts for many years now, there are a variety of reasons for each one and some fall by the wayside (some get picked up again) but why do I do it?

Not for profit

I don't blog for profit (yet, maybe one day). Quite some time ago I experimented with Google ads and found that with little effort I could make maybe £20 per month. I work in internet technologies sometimes helping drive traffic to sites. With some effort there was potential there I guess and a bit more thought should come up with better ways to make money off of the back of blog posts. Just thinking about these things changed the nature of what I posted, made me start thinking about sensational blog titles that may drive traffic, reciprocal links with other sites (just for the sake of links). Two things made me remove the ads, one was that I didn't want to write just to drive traffic, the other simply that making significant amounts of money would be hard work doing things that I didn't want to do in my spare time. I also have a problem in that I am not driven by money, I am rubbish at making money, once I have enough to get by (+ for anybody dependent on me, I find it hard to care too much about money) these days that is considered a character flaw.

Not for the sake of literature

I have said it before and I will doubtless write it again, most of my blog-posts in any area are wrote fast, spare time is precious, I speed-type, I think something and at some point I may write it. Spelling and grammar, checking, I leave for other areas where I have to apply fingers to keyboard. I understand the motivation for more literary blogs but that is not what I am about so far. Each post is a reference to a thought to come back to, somewhere I have a little traffic is an invite to discuss and learn from other opinions.

On occaision I will go back to recent posts and edit them, especially if I think that there is the remote possibility that someone else may read one

Not for the sake of fame

Whilst there is often an element of "look at me" in many things that people do publicly that is not a strong driver for me. I wrote many posts on this blog even after finding out that virtually nobody but me ever reads them. There are useful to me though, putting the thoughts down sometimes crystallizes them. Some rough posts become the basis of more formal writing for work etc.

For conversation

Sometimes (with my language learning blogs for example) I just want to attract a few comments, start a small conversation. Generally in more crowded spaces like technology I don't have the talent, dedication or time to attract a significant audience.

For reflection

Writing things down helps the thought process, making them public acts as a bit of a focus. Sometimes stating something in public provides enough of an impetus to actually do it.

For career

In places it may just help a little for employment, increasingly some kind of online presence is expected.


So I guess that there is some reflection, some "look at me" and sometimes need for conversation. Up until now that is why I blog.


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