Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Drupal taxonomy manager module


I am going to start using this blog to record more technical stuff and ideas, particularly Drupal related, sometimes just random thoughts or comments sometimes, more heavyweight. Hopefully if I tag well and re-organise the blog it should be possible to keep track of various disparate threads and ideas.

Drupal admin is still somewhat awkward in areas, especially in areas like menus and taxonomy where an incredible amount of functionality and a strong api is hampered by administration difficulties in some cases. Managing taxonomies in the administration interface is prime example.

The Taxonomy manager module is a terrific administration module that brings the regular administration of taxonomies forwards in leaps and bounds.

The module

The module has worked well for me in two different scenarios so far, firstly in populating and administrating taxonomies it is far far easier to use than the default Drupal administration. In a few cases I have been able to use this module where I would normally consider populating a taxonomy programmatically. Secondly in the case of a programmatically populated taxonomy that had a huge number of entries normal Drupal admin crashed on display in my web-browser. The taxonomy manager module gracefully handled the display with paging.


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