Thursday, 27 June 2013

Shoddy Drupal security advice from

Getting back into twitter and quickly encountering some of the things I dislike about the current social media and information saturation: shoddy content pushed out merely for traffic purposes and that thinly disguised advertising.
This article 10 Simple steps to protect your Drupal site is bad, bad, BAD. Apart from the fact that there is no distinction between upgrade and update (are you really going to do all that just to update a module?) there is some lame advice about file permissions (755 is more secure than 644 really???).

Stick this on twitter and people trying to fill their own streams will re-tweet and favourite just on the basis of the title of content and possibly at most a quick skim. Twitter and the like are full of people that must have impossibly efficient brains if they really absorb/consider/learn from the amount of content they apparently get through.
I know nothing about maybe they are so bad they are already a joke, either way nice cut and paste, ill-informed anti-advert for their product don't you think?
Hopefully they will remove/change the article.
Now to tweet about this post to pad out my own stream ;).

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