Sunday, 9 September 2007


I have other blogs, mostly to do with learning Chinese. Part of the aim of learning Chinese on the internet, is to find my way around the internet again (it changes rather fast if you take your eye off it for a while). Where I work we tend to have to operate at many levels, from server stuff, databases, front-end etc. etc. I guess with all these layers we are like onions, or maybe layer cakes or perhaps even ogres.

I just attended the DConstruct conference in an attempt to revive one or more layers, that generated a bunch of thoughts, so I thought why not start blogging about webstuff.
Start with Dconstruct07 and then lump along sporadically with anything else.

I could have done this at work but then it would have been on the more constricted side of a firewall and besides my work colleagues can still read it here. Once I wrote some interesting and useful things on the wrong side of a firewall (hey it happens but I will not be held responsible for anybody stupid enough to hold their breath....) but now they might as well be buried in soft peat and recycled as firelighters because even I can't find them (and I would love to know what they were).

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