Saturday, 15 September 2007

Summaries (why re-invent the wheel?)

This is still somewhat of an experiment for me, trying to review what I gained from a conference and yet being exposed to the reviews and comments of others etc. People commenting on comments and observations, it goes around and around like a wheel but surely fades overtime. Perhaps some pieces will be more sticky than others?

As many people can write better than me it seems sensible to just co-opt what they have written and finally when I think I have digested enough spit out a summary of my impressions and suggestions for how this may/should impact on my own work environment.

In that spirit my favorite swirly opaque summary of the whole dconstruct07 experience (check out the comment by Tom Coates. Also a slightly more fact based if sparse summary.

I will also dig up summaries of talks that may be worth reading where applicable. For example a short summary of the presentation given by Tom Coates.

I guess I should soon (about a week) be in a position to write up a summary and identify relevance and advantage to what I do day to day at work. If not was there any point in attending?

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