Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Experiance Stack (presentation experiance)

Matt Webb presented on the Experience Stack at Dconstruct07. This presentation was packed full of interesting ideas and slides, perhaps too packed full. Particularly as it was still too close to lunch time beverages for most of us to be at our brightest.

Luckily Matt has already analyzed his own presentation, restated part of it and put up slides and transcripts. Picking through this material I realize there is going to quite a lot of food for thought.

There is a very significant change noticeable for old timers like me. The presentation doesn't finish it continues after the event. Increasingly we can re-listen, watch slides, transcripts, comment, digest etc. Sometimes now I also see good presentations that were made within companies, released on the web. Probably correctly they realize that in these cases what they lose from releasing some good ideas into the wild is handsomely offset by building image and reputation (in these cases the presentations are inevitably branded).

Maybe presentations can be richer if we have more time and resources to digest them. Maybe in the future the ideal presentation will be layered, something to take away immediately and something to pick through later (a kind of presentation doggy bag). The experiance of those being presented to is certainly changing overtime.

Edit: just looked up the book Mind Hacks that Matt co-authored, O'Reilly tells me I can select and buy a chapter Yaayy, just the sort of approach I like. I fill out a whole bunch of crufty information over several screens before I discover I cannot pay with debit card or Paypal etc. Bad O'Reilly experiance.

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